~Drink lots of water


~Drink hot tea’s with honey

(I really like Throat Coat, found in your natural/organic tea section)


~Gurgle and snort (I know it sounds gross) salt water.

 It is best done in the shower using the warm water.


~Put a little bit of Vaseline in your nose at night.

It keeps your nostrils from drying out and producing more snot.


~Take probiotics and vitamins

(Garden of Life and Pure encapsulations (buy off of Amazon) are good brands that I know of.  Most of your cheap brands your body can’t dissolve the vitamin’s into it, so your pretty much flushing your money down the toilet.)


~Humidifiers are good.

 If you don’t have one you can put ice cubes on the floor by your bed, and they will evaporate without leaving a puddle.


~Apple Cider Vinegar

Taking a table spoon or two in the day will help with a sore throat. Put it in a half a glass of warm water with some honey, it helps the taste.  It is a natural disinfectant.


~Oil pulling (detox)

This is swishing a type of vegetable oil (Coconut oil is the best) in the mouth. The oil is “worked” in the mouth by pushing, pulling, and drawing it through the teeth for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. It is done one to three times a day on an empty stomach. The best time is in the morning before eating breakfast, but can be done before any meal. The used oil is discarded and the mouth rinsed out with water. The oil is never swallowed because it is loaded with bacteria, toxins, pus, and mucous.


~Essential Oils

My favorites for disinfecting the air and opening up you lungs is Tea Trea oil, Eucolipitus oit and Perpermint oit. I use a blend of these three oils to spray the house or class room when sick season is around.


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