Am I breathing correctly, how can I tell? Well I told you about your diaphragm’s part in your breathing. But your ribs make a big part of it too. The Diaphragm pulls your lungs down, and your ribs pull them out, allowing maximum air intake.  While standing up you can check yourself by putting your hands on your ribs and if they move out and in you are breathing correctly, or put your fingers where your ribs meet in the middle with your thumbs facing out and you should see your thumbs move out and in.

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Victoria Fields

Victoria Fields is the owner of Developing Angelic Voices. Victoria holds a Bachelors of Music degree from Belmont University. She has traveled around the world performing. She is a classically trained vocalist. She loves being a Voice and Piano teacher. She is passionate about developing voices and making music something fun for all ages. When she's not singing or teaching, Victoria loves spending time outside with her husband, Justin, and her 2 yr old son, Alexander.

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