My name is Victoria Fields, I’m a vocal performance graduate from Belmont University. I am seeking students that wish to improve their vocal abilities. Whether it is for the pursuit of a singing career, correction of vocal issues, or you just want to sound better, I can help you accomplish your goals.

I have been teaching an assortment of different voices and levels since 2010: from middle school to retirement and classical to pop.  I have performed all of my life. I love music.  I have put on several concerts in Germany, directed children’s musicals, and performed around the world.

Due to vocal health reasons, I will not be taking on students under the age of 12. I care too much about your voice and its growth. Voice lessons will take place at my home in LaVergne, TN just outside of Nashville, TN.  Healthy singing is key.  Proper breath support is the first key to singing well.  We do an assortment of vocal exercises picked for the individual voice.  These exercises help correct various vocal issues, strengthen quality of tone, widen your vocal range, and help warm up the voice as to not hurt anything when singing a song.  I also have a Zoom H4 voice recorder to make high quality recordings of your voice, so you can learn from hearing yourself as well as having the exercises recorded for listening at home.   I will help you learn new songs, teach musical techniques, as well as stage presence, sight singing instruction is available to those who would like.

The lessons are for you, if you want to work on something specific, that is what we will do. I always have a plan for want to work on but lessons are flexible. The more work you do at home, the more work we can accomplish in our lesson. Most of all you need to have fun singing!

I can show you techniques and ways to fully use the voice God gave you, but it is ultimately up to you to Develop Your Angelic Voice.




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Great Teacher!

My son has really enjoyed his lessons with Victoria. She is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and makes the lessons fun. I can already hear his making progress in just four lessons, and he looks forward to each class. We'll be signing up for more lessons!


Mrs. Fields is an awesome teacher. I love watching her develop richness and quality in the songs of each student, along with their excitement in singing. It has been fun to see each of the students grow in their ability and comfort to perform.

Excellent Teaching

I feel like Ms. Victoria is a great teacher. In just seven months she has transformed me into a completely different singer. My range is now greater than ever and my roles in musicals have increased significantly. Her skills have given me newfound courage and I would highly recommended her to anyone interested in vocal lessons.